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is an EDM Artist and DJ from Clyde Texas. Born in TX, Traveled the world and returned home 



Novel & Concept Album

Among Enemies in Darkness is a novel about a young werewolf who started out as an orphaned scholar looking for his father. He is newly initiated and brought into a world of beastmen that he struggles to understand with a purpose that is similarly beyond his early understanding. He has to learn to let go of the past. As he comes to understand the nature of the curse of the beasts he'll have to make the choice of accepting his place in the world of beasts or rebelling and looking for a cure for his cursed body. He and his brothers in beasthood will plot, plan, and learn as they uncover their new purpose as beastmen. A world of magic, monsters and demons awaits!

New Single OUT NOW!

So, here we are again. I'm writing, you weren't immediately repulsed by the promotional email spam when you got here, and now I'm telling you about my newest single. Scratch that I just killed the popup. No more stupid annoying crap! Yay! Anyway. I started working on this track. I got a vocal sample from, and I chopped out the "We get high!" part of the vocal and looped it with some arpeggiated nonsense. I kept messing with it and decided after a week or two just !@#$ it and throw in the whole hook with the breakdown that I came up with. I quite like it. I was also able to do some decent mastering this time. The loudness seems to stick right at the max, and it's still -6db, but that's soundboy nerd stuff. 

The point is I had fun making this track and I think it represents my very best. So thanks for stopping by! Check out the link(s) below. The new single "Get High" is everywhere right now! CONSUME!

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