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Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft, or: Don't !@#$% Out!

This one is just going to be really quick and I'll not be promoting it. I get a little frustrated now and then when it comes to battlegrounds in WoW because I notice a lot of people will /afk out of a BG the moment it's not going there way. It happens a lot.

If you ragequit you get nothing. Take the loss and get your pity honor. Try to have fun. I mean you're going to be sitting out anyway for quitting. You might as well just see it through. Stand up for yourself despite the fact that you're going to lose and try to make it difficult.

Back in the day we used to have fight nights on Friday at one of my friend's houses. We would play fighting games like Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, for example. We had a saying "!$@# your perfect bro" Meaning basically even though I'm losing I'm still going to at least land a punch kick fireball or hell even just deal some chip damage. It was a really good time.

I see the potential for people to have that similar attitude about PVP in WoW I mean yeah there are going to be some times when you're out geared, outclassed, or both, but you know what hit them with that intimidate, that fear, that hammer of justice and fight back.

Like I said this one is going to be a short rant. I just can't stand to see people /afk out of BG's. I've also noticed that we do better in general when we communicate. If you get stomped by the entire opposing team then tell everyone where they are when you're waiting at the spirit healer. Set a good example for the people that don't know. Some people are casual when it comes to PVP and others not so much. Everyone has a leader inside them. In battlegrounds it's basically whoever steps up has the floor as far as I've seen. Most times people just silently go about trying to get kills and that's cool, but if you really know the situation step up and lead. What's the worst that can happen? Some neckbeard makes fun of you? Seems to be a small price to pay to improve your chances. Every loss is an opportunity to get better. You lost? Good, Stay humble.

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