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The Two Worlds of Music I Try to Exist In

Updated: Apr 1

The past 30 years of popular music have been a weird split universe of radio and TV friendly versions of songs, and the actual real expressions the artist intended. There was even a censorious retail market for edited music. I remember going to K-Mart and getting Eminem’s first album and it was censored to hell. For some reason you can’t say the word mushrooms. I don’t know what was up with that.

My point is that kids drive the market right now and have done for the past 30 years. I don’t hate that. I find it funny really. I never knew anything outside of what I heard on the radio and saw on MTV as a kid. I didn’t realize it was the corporate end only allowing the most manufactured edited-for-kids product they could into the mainstream.

This still happens to some extent but it’s less prevalent. Try to find an edited album these days at a store. I just realized I said what I said. You probably won’t find albums in stores. Most people listen on a streaming service. There’s really no need for traditional media anymore. The people that buy hard copies are dinosaurs like me. This is why vinyl prices are so over inflated. The people that buy them will spend the money because they’re not kids asking mommy for money to buy them a cheap CD. Geez... they don't even want CD's maybe just Spotify premium.

The thing that I really hate as an artist myself is that it would have probably been easier for me to sell hard copies of the music I produce now back in the day than it is to get 1 person per day to click on my sound cloud link on Twitter. Even if they do click over the likelihood of them listening to a complete track is extremely low. I really have to admit that as a middle-aged man I have no idea what’s cool anymore. I mean I’m not going to judge. If you’re 13 and you like mumble trap then you do you. I just think there needs to be a return to artistry.

Again, I’m not saying that it doesn’t take talent to make what’s currently popular I just find it more and more repetitive, and less musical. It’s more about expressing yourself, doing your thing and having fun I get it.

My other problem is that I think the adults aren’t really growing up these days. I see a lot of people around my age still on the happy side of the generation gap. This perceived lack of maturity means that even my peers’ attention spans make it harder for me to catch anyone’s attention.

Another part of modern music and art is social media presence. It’s not enough to make good music. You have to catch people’s attention, again, using social media. You need people to follow you that way when you tweet or post it’s earning you either money or more attention. I’m going to keep trying to improve musically and maybe one day I’ll have enough people following me to make it a livelihood. Or, I can just finish my certification in audio engineering and make other people money while they pay me. If you’re struggling like I am then keep at it. Consistency in all things is what yields results.

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